" UTILIZE Creative Ideas AND Tax effective Strategies,
Consultancy & Financial Services
Creation AND Preservation of Wealth"


...beyond conventional wisdom, lies opportunity....


We are a financial services business started in 1990. We provide financial services and product placement in the areas of group insurance, group RRSP, group mortgages, individual insurance, as well as information, and strategic planning. We conduct our business from our main office in Burlington. We also make office or house calls. We are a long term relationship organization and we value our relationships.


Creative Solutions Insurance Agency Ltd., hereinafter called the Firm, is a Canadian firm incorporated and licensed in the province of Ontario, Canada . This license also allows us to place any and all money products offered by life insurance companies, like GICs and Segregated Fund products.In addition, when circumstances so dictate, we can facilitate the placement of insurance policies, for life, critical illness, long term care, disabilty, travel health, major medical, health and dental protection. We also have strategic alliances with banks an trust companies to facilitate mortgages, investment and RRSP loans, GICs and similar banking products. We are a long time member of ADVOCIS, The Financial Advisors Association of Canada.



STEVE M. SZENASI, Pres, Creative Solutions Insurance Agency Ltd.

Steve Szenasi, hereinafter called Steve or Advisor. He brings 50+ years of practical business experience to bear in advising clients in their strategic planning in striving for financial security. He has a wide perspective. He worked in the corporate world, helping design and market some of the very products he now makes available to clients. He has run two small businesses and has worked with many others. He understands the needs and culture of medium and small business and the entrepreneurial spirit it takes to make it work.

Life & Health Insurance Risk Appraiser Received his professional training as a Qualified Life & Health Risk Appraiser so he has a working knowledge of how the assessment and risk placement process works giving us a unique ability to help place difficult medical & financial risk for life & health insurance.

KATINVAL Consulting Inc.


Linda Szenasi, President, Katinval Consulting Inc.

KTV provides fee for service support to other financial planners and financial services account associates with technical support services in structuring and negotiating more complex financial/benefit programs. KTV also provides other services to the business community at large. KTV provides administrative support services to Creative Solutions Insurance Agencies Ltd. Linda Szenasi, is hereinafter called Linda or Administrator. 

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