1) Business Focus:

Group Insurance

Executive Perques

Group RRSP
Employee benefits through our Perks program
      • Group Insurance, Pensions,
      • Group RRSP, Retirement Counseling
      • Buy Sell Agreement Funding,
      • Collateral Insurance Protection,
      • Key Man Coverage
      • Executive Compensations
      • Split Dollar Plans & 
        Retirement Planning.
Employer strategic planning techniques through
2) Individual Focus:

Mature Market (Boomers)

Estate Planning 
Retirement Income Plans 
Pre-Paid Capital Gains Tax Account 
"No Medical" Life Insurance 
Travel Health
    • Mortgage referrals service;
    • Annuities,
    • RRSPs; GICs,
    • Seg Funds management
    • Retirement Income Program Design:
    • RRIFs,
    • Prescribed Annuities, GLICs, SWAPs etc.
      • Testamentary Gift Tax Funding Programs,
      • Estate Tax and RRIF T
      • Retirement Savings & Investment Programming;
      • ax Funding Programs;
      • Charitable Gifts
      • Succession Strategies;
3) Affinity & Association

Tailored  Insurance &  
Financial Packages

a) Association & Affinity Group Insurance & Benefit Packaging with a view to bring
    • Closer Affinity between Association and members
    • Provide value through volume purchase 
      Create fund raising mechanisms for organization.



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