Concepts & Strategies

Creative Solution Concepts & Strategies.


What are Creative Solution Concepts & Strategies? It is best described and articulated through the use of analogies. Imagine a "lago set" of blocks comprised of various shapes and sizes. There are endless combination of blocks that may be assembled to produce different common shapes and forms.Or how about looking at a three dimensional geometric shape. Often when look at the object from different angle, a very different entity is visualized. Well, the same can be done with financial products.

The best analogy came from the movie Apollo 13. The astronauts were producing too much carbon dioxide as the srubbers were damaged in the accident; the flight director told the ground support experts to come up with a solution using only things that could be found on the space craft. They put their heads together with a list of onboard materials and constructed a scrubber frommaterials on never designed for the task at hand.

With over 44 years of experience working with these financial products and interacting countless experts, from accountants, actuaries, lawyers, financial planning professionals, we picked up an idea or two in assembling these financial products to solve unique problems.  Well we have identified a bunch of such concepts from financial products. This section highlights just a few of these.


To discuss any of these concepts please feel free to get in touch.


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