Health Plans

The Term "Health Care" in the context of Insurance Plans is loosely used to cove a miriade of protection plans and the most valuable lesson to be taken here is to have a solid understanding of what is and what is not covered by "Your" plan.


Why? Three reasons:

  1. Get a handle of the cost for the benefit you are covered for.  
  2. Avoid surprises at time of claim, and
  3. Permit time to consider getting coverage for the omitted protection before it is needed.

The first thing to clarify is the semmantic. The insurance gargon, healthcare prviders and insurance people use and what they mean to them and consumers. An what the consumer uses as terminology for those commonly used terms.


Plan - used in such terminology as it relates to Health Care Insurance Plan

Term Meaning

Insurance / healthcare


Plan A Private Benefit Plan to cover some of the health care costs not covered by provincial plan. Covered Services Supplemental Health Insurance
Health Care All services provided by any registered health care provider like MDs, nurses, chiroprators laboratories, diagnostics, hospital etc. The health care of your family and you  
Individual Insurance plans that are Portable, stand alone policies    
Group Insurance plans that are created for groups that exist for reasons other than insurance. Empoyers Associations, Buying groups etc.  Health & Welfare Trust  
Critical Illness Plan A 1 time lump sum payment for a selected amount paid tax free to insured person if afflicted with a covered condition.   Greatly misunderstood and greatly underappreciated.
Provincial Plan Public Health Care for most but not all healthcare services. Cost is share by employers and government.   Many assume everything is covered.
Long Term Plan Insurance towards the cost of in home and institutional care for infirm persons unable to perform basic functions of daily living.    
Life Insurance Single sum paid to a beneficiary in the event of death of insured under covered circumstances.    
Medical Tourism Travel revolving around sought offshore healthcare to jurisdiction where care is superior or less costly.    
Travel Insurance Emergency health care coverage while travelling outside country.  Contact us  holiday executive travel, groups, expatriates
Student Travel Health care insurance for students studying outside their home country. Contact us  Studying abroad
Disability Insurance Insurance to replace some of the income lost on account of a disability due to sickness or accident.    
Mortgage Insurance  Insurane often offerred by Banks to pay off mortgage in teh event of a death or disability.    


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