Special Plans

Lloyd's Special Risk Insurance Solutions

High Limit Lloyd’s Disability Insurance

Individual or Group Disability insurance for unique cases that cannot be issued by the traditional Disability Insurer or requiring higher insuring limits.

  • Income Replacement, Key Person, Business Overhead and Buy-Sell Plans, Bank Loans
  • Flexible structure can be customized to meet individual client needs
  • High limit coverage’s for personal and business needs sums insured in excess of traditional markets limits.
  • Foreign travel or residence – anywhere in the world (optional War Risk coverage)
  • Short term coverage requirements e.g. during leave of absence, waiting period for group LTD
  • High risk occupations and hobbies
  • And covering such individuals as Executives, Doctors, Lawyers, Entertainers, Entrepreneurs, Portfolio Managers and Athletes just to name a few.


High Limit Lloyd’s Personal Accident Insurance

An excellent supplement or alternative to life insurance in many situations

  • AD&D (accidental death and dismemberment) or AD only
  • Optional Permanent Total Disability
  • Sums insured in excess of Domestic Insurer limits
  • Life insurance medical declines
  • Life insurance declines for foreign travel or residence (anywhere in the world)
  • Specific risk e.g. covering exclusions in individual or group life plans (avocation, travel, war)
  • Available on individual or group basis
  • War/terrorism coverage – standalone or add-on Individual or Group Coverage


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