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Transamerica Life of Canada is

Rebranded to IVARI

Nov 2015

ivarilogo1Transamerica Life of Canada owned by Agon in Europe decided to leave the Canadian market beginning of this year. They sold their Canadian Holding to a reinsurance company Wilton Re located in the US. Wilton Re is a life (re) insurance company specializing in the acquisition and management of life and annuity businesses as well as with assisting companies with product development, underwriting and new business strategies designed to serve the middle market. After regulatory review and consent the transaction closed in July 2015

Having purchase the Canadian operation of Transamerica Life, Wilton Re left the Canadian operation in tack both in terms of staffing product lineup. Since July the company has undergone a rebranding process and effective October the new name of the old company has changed from Transamerica Life of Canada to Ivari.

The people, products and service that make up ivari have stood the test of time and have been around for over 80 years in the Canadian marketplace. Through our commitment to always being approachable and transparent in everything we do, we are dedicated to starting a fresh, new conversation about insurance. And we will stand by our word. All material coming from the company will here to for be under the “Ivari”. Policyholder with a Monthly PAC payment arrangement will still see Transamerica label until spring of 2016.

In summary, the Company ownership changed, the brand name has changed, the Company and its management, staff, and focus has remained unaltered.~



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