Buying Scams

Buying online

Annually there are hot ticket items like toys and computer games that are sold-out in retail stores. Scammers will set up web sites or list these items for sale on classified ads and auction web sites. Consumers pay for the item but it is never received.

Warning signs

  • Items are advertised at incredible (almost unbelievable) prices compared to other similar items on the market;
  • The ad uses very generic descriptions that almost sound cut-and-pasted. An example is the use of the word "item" instead of the name of the item;
  • The ad or communication has spelling or grammar mistakes like "komputer" or "cheep price"; and,
  • The seller only communicates via email.

How to protect yourself

  • Check the seller's feedback. Do not buy from a new seller or a seller with negative reviews;
  • Do research on the company. Verify their physical address and phone number;
  • Deal with companies or individuals you know by reputation or from past experience;
  • Never make a deal outside the auction site;
  • Read the terms and conditions. Understand your payment options, the return policy, and the product's warranty;
  • Verify the fraud coverage with the payment method that you choose to use. Use of an Internet Payment Service or paying by credit card is often the most secure; and,
  • Remember: if the asking price of a product is too good to be true, it probably is.~
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