Segregated Funds

What are segregated funds?

For clients and customers looking for investment vehicles, Segregated Funds provide an element of security from market jitters due to built-in guaranteesknowing that your exposure to market downturns is limited. Segregated funds are offered by insurance companies, and get their name from the fact that their holdings are kept separate from the insurance company's assets. Similar to a mutual fund, a segregated fund is a collection of stocks, bonds and other investments that provide you with an opportunity to "grow" your investment capital. However, a mutual fund is a security, while a segregated fund is an insurance product, specifically a deferred annuity. Segregated funds provide additional features and benefits not available with mutual funds.

Segregated funds can be used to fund the full line up of Government taxed advantaged savings programs like RRSP, RRIF, Tax Free Savings Account [TFSA], Education Savings plans.

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